Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just like the movies

I am learning, especially this week how my vision of the future is pretty romanced. I have these big ideas of great things. Sometimes my husband thinks I am too big of a dreamer, but I honestly feel like what I imagine life to be like in ten years can be that way. I feel so strongly about it, but I feel so strongly about my ability to make it happen. I am a put your shoulder to the wheel woman and when I want something I go for it. Sometimes things don't work out like I plan, and I try to take that in stride. I am getting better than I used to be about accepting failure or setback. When I was younger it threw me for a loop, but the more I learn about the Savior and His plan, the more I realize how imperative it is to keep an eye single to His glory and let life happen. I think my plan I spoke of in my mentor session is beautiful and I want it badly. I have married someone that will make my dream realistic and doable for him and we can go places with it! I love feeling excited about the future and planning even if it doesn't work out exactly how I imagine. I know the Lord is aware of me and my desire to do good continually so I trust that the effort I put into creating my own dream life won't go unnoticed and He will help us get there.

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