Thursday, May 15, 2014

Measuring My Life

This class has been such an eye opener for me. It has really helped me gain greater insight into who I am as I think about articles and books I have read. I love that there is still a lot of great people in the world trying to motivate others to be more great. I get overwhelmed with how busy and frantic the world is when really I can slow down and focus on progress and the service of others. I am at a place in my life that there is a need for change. I have been the same Jaclyn for a long time and I feel like the Lord is telling me it is time to move upward, to be uncomfortable, and to start changing. Usually I would kick against such a notion, but what I am learning here in class is to gladly accept the invitation to be a better human, to contribute more, and make a name for myself. I love that the gospel is all encompassing in that, we can apply great principles taught by the Savior to our business ideas, careers, and livelihood. I love that there is a way to balance family life and leisure, hard work and discipline, and gaining knowledge and communing with God. Such a cool plan!

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