Friday, May 30, 2014

Toiling Upward in the Night

It is interesting how sometimes the lessons for this class end up being life lessons the Lord needs me to learn in order to more fully progress. This week was yet another gentle reminder of the importance of discovering and remembering who I am in order to fulfill my divine role here on Earth. In Jan Newman's speech, he spoke of how the Lord doesn't really care how much money we make or what we do for our job as long as we are tending to our stewardship. I really appreciated that comment because sometimes I lose that perspective when really, the work I am doing within in home and the ward I am in is sufficient for the Lord. In contrast, but also support to this, N. Eldon Tanner really stabilized the importance of obedience and how when we are obedient and work for the Lord first, we are promised many blessings. Financial stability, happiness, peace of mind, endurance, and confidence are all promises that I will hold tight to in order to make life enjoyable and worthwhile. What an exceptional life we have been granted! Although it is difficult to sift through experience that propel us upward and those that send us adrift, we can be sure that the Lord is aware of our plight in figuring out who we are, because once we really know, once the self- realization kicks in, we become part of His plan! We become partakers of the bread of life and get to experience the joys of leading, and guiding, and walking beside a world that desperately needs goodness and those who know who they are. This week's lesson really helped me recognize the importance of working with the Lord to dixcover what it is I am to be.

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