Friday, June 6, 2014

"Who Are You", Said The Caterpillar.

This week's lessons have been really fun for me. I honestly feel a pull towards wanting to take a chance on the entrepreneurial journey and see if my passions can take our family some place. I have really enjoyed getting to know myself. I feel super vulnerable in this class because I have to lay out all my so called secrets and navigate which ones are worth acting on. I enjoy being able to have the Spirit guide me in my efforts to seek and find. I am grateful for the understanding I have that Heavenly Father wants me to give myself to Him and once I do that He doesn't mind what goals I reach for. (I still am thinking about Jan Newman's talk). I am anxious to see if who I think I am and who I want to be will end up being the same. It is interesting to learn how important it is to really understand who you are. I have always felt pressure that I need to know right now who I am so I can be an adult and do adultish things, but really that is all part of this journey. It is in our experience of learning that we gather bits and pieces of who we are and that will then lead us down a road full of twists and turns. The further down we get the more prepared we are to accomplish greater good.

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