Friday, June 20, 2014

We Are The Dreamers of The Dreams

This week has been pretty cool as far as reflections go. I really have made some pretty huge resolves as to how I imagine our life will be like once we are more established and out of school. I don't want money to be our family motivator although anything money at this point is a motivator for two poor college students with two sons. HA! I really want to discuss with my husband the importance of us talking about where we want to be and how we want to get here. Sometimes we get so caught up in the busy schedule that we forget to take time to evaluate and inventory what our life is like and if it is taking us in the direction we want to go. I really like the concept of not quitting, like Seth Godin has been teaching me. It is such a great principle to know when it is appropriate to give up something and when holding on for dear life is all that matters. I am grateful for that perspective and the opportunity I have to take a class like this that is so motivating and full of self-discovery.

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