Thursday, June 12, 2014


I feel like ever since I started taking this class I am a lot more committed to the idea of starting my own company and getting all my ducks in a row. Although I have been heavily saturated in business talk, I appreciate the dose of spiritual enlightenment. Anytime I read a talk from The Holland's I really feel so at peace with the world and where my life is going, even when things seem crazy. It is helpful to hear that things work out and that no matter how long and hard the road may get, it will be worth it as long as we are doing our best to become like the Savior. Our success in this life matters the the Lord, and though He may not care specifically about what career we choose or where we live, He cares that we enjoy the ride and contribute to this world that is in massive need of contribution. It is our duty as His children to bolster and create so that we can benefit from an exciting world of development, change, conflict, sacrifice, and faith. The gospel amazes me!

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