Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Impact of an Example

I love how what I am learning in class is always coinciding with what is going on in my little world. Reading in Corinthians about Paul and his conviction in being an Apostle of the Lord was really interesting, but it didn't impact me as deeply until I had a conversation with my sister in law about the calling of an Apostle and how they handle all the people who don't agree with how they run the church. I shared an experience of a woman I was with after a session of general conference. The subject of discussion was one of the Apostle's talks and she shared how she disagreed with what he said and then finished her comment with, "He is such an idiot." My stomach sank, I felt really bothered and tried my best to smooth out the situation and stand for what I know to be true about the apostles. When I shared the experience with my sister in law we both just bore testimony to each other of the validity in the church's organization of having Apostles who "are fools for Christ's sake." Paul even goes so far as illustrating how the people of Corinth believe they are better than the servants called of God. They profess to have more knowledge, and strength than the apostles. I shared this reference because we tend to think things are so different today then they were in biblical times, and yet here Paul is expressing the same tender, but bold feelings about his calling as an Apostle. I have heard people say horrible things about the Apostles, things you would never say about someone you actually know and love. I am a firm believer that although men are weak and have their faults or their opinions may seem outdated, it doesn't change the fact that the Lord has chosen them to be His mouthpiece. I love the Apostles. I love that not only by studying their words do we learn more about who they are and there testimony of the Savior, but we learn who Christ is and what He deems important. The gospel is amazing. It is a driving force in a world that wishes it wasn't. It is strong and resilient, bold and fulfilling.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dream a Little Dream

This week's lesson I really gained a deeper perspective in chasing after even the smallest dreams. I have found that my dreams aren't too elaborate. I want to live an abundant life. I  want a simple home, I want a good career, and my husband to be successful. After reading and reviewing The Dip I also realized my renewed energy toward not giving up, but knowing it is important to change and look for opportunities to grow. I really like being a able to better understand how simple life can be and how my choices effect my attitude and behavior. I like knowing that the gospel interlaces it's way through these concepts and allows for further light and knowledge.

Friday, June 20, 2014

We Are The Dreamers of The Dreams

This week has been pretty cool as far as reflections go. I really have made some pretty huge resolves as to how I imagine our life will be like once we are more established and out of school. I don't want money to be our family motivator although anything money at this point is a motivator for two poor college students with two sons. HA! I really want to discuss with my husband the importance of us talking about where we want to be and how we want to get here. Sometimes we get so caught up in the busy schedule that we forget to take time to evaluate and inventory what our life is like and if it is taking us in the direction we want to go. I really like the concept of not quitting, like Seth Godin has been teaching me. It is such a great principle to know when it is appropriate to give up something and when holding on for dear life is all that matters. I am grateful for that perspective and the opportunity I have to take a class like this that is so motivating and full of self-discovery.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


I feel like ever since I started taking this class I am a lot more committed to the idea of starting my own company and getting all my ducks in a row. Although I have been heavily saturated in business talk, I appreciate the dose of spiritual enlightenment. Anytime I read a talk from The Holland's I really feel so at peace with the world and where my life is going, even when things seem crazy. It is helpful to hear that things work out and that no matter how long and hard the road may get, it will be worth it as long as we are doing our best to become like the Savior. Our success in this life matters the the Lord, and though He may not care specifically about what career we choose or where we live, He cares that we enjoy the ride and contribute to this world that is in massive need of contribution. It is our duty as His children to bolster and create so that we can benefit from an exciting world of development, change, conflict, sacrifice, and faith. The gospel amazes me!

Friday, June 6, 2014

"Who Are You", Said The Caterpillar.

This week's lessons have been really fun for me. I honestly feel a pull towards wanting to take a chance on the entrepreneurial journey and see if my passions can take our family some place. I have really enjoyed getting to know myself. I feel super vulnerable in this class because I have to lay out all my so called secrets and navigate which ones are worth acting on. I enjoy being able to have the Spirit guide me in my efforts to seek and find. I am grateful for the understanding I have that Heavenly Father wants me to give myself to Him and once I do that He doesn't mind what goals I reach for. (I still am thinking about Jan Newman's talk). I am anxious to see if who I think I am and who I want to be will end up being the same. It is interesting to learn how important it is to really understand who you are. I have always felt pressure that I need to know right now who I am so I can be an adult and do adultish things, but really that is all part of this journey. It is in our experience of learning that we gather bits and pieces of who we are and that will then lead us down a road full of twists and turns. The further down we get the more prepared we are to accomplish greater good.