Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Impact of an Example

I love how what I am learning in class is always coinciding with what is going on in my little world. Reading in Corinthians about Paul and his conviction in being an Apostle of the Lord was really interesting, but it didn't impact me as deeply until I had a conversation with my sister in law about the calling of an Apostle and how they handle all the people who don't agree with how they run the church. I shared an experience of a woman I was with after a session of general conference. The subject of discussion was one of the Apostle's talks and she shared how she disagreed with what he said and then finished her comment with, "He is such an idiot." My stomach sank, I felt really bothered and tried my best to smooth out the situation and stand for what I know to be true about the apostles. When I shared the experience with my sister in law we both just bore testimony to each other of the validity in the church's organization of having Apostles who "are fools for Christ's sake." Paul even goes so far as illustrating how the people of Corinth believe they are better than the servants called of God. They profess to have more knowledge, and strength than the apostles. I shared this reference because we tend to think things are so different today then they were in biblical times, and yet here Paul is expressing the same tender, but bold feelings about his calling as an Apostle. I have heard people say horrible things about the Apostles, things you would never say about someone you actually know and love. I am a firm believer that although men are weak and have their faults or their opinions may seem outdated, it doesn't change the fact that the Lord has chosen them to be His mouthpiece. I love the Apostles. I love that not only by studying their words do we learn more about who they are and there testimony of the Savior, but we learn who Christ is and what He deems important. The gospel is amazing. It is a driving force in a world that wishes it wasn't. It is strong and resilient, bold and fulfilling.

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