Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What is Baptism?

I love that we have a gospel full of symbols. We have baptism that represents a burial, a newness of life, and a resurrection to be made whole. Paul really helps elucidates this idea of having our lives revived through our commitment to the Savior. I ask myself, what does it feel like to be new? Baptism enables us to walk in a newness of life. I instantly thought of the love I have of moving into a new home. I love moving into a new house. We find a home we like, upgrade the inside to feel fresh, clean, and modern and then we move our old life into this new home and change all vignettes and facets that don't really work in the new home like they did in a previous home. A lot changes and it can be hard on our family, but once they get used to the efficiency and effectiveness of this new life, things seem to function more peacefully and smooth. It is like that when we are baptized and when we renew those covenants through baptism. It is our willingness to "move into a new home", allow ourselves to adjust to the changes that have been made, and learn to enjoy this new way of life.  I think about my kids when they are forced into new homes and have to start all over with their systems of life. Once they really commit to the idea of life changing, they commit to always learning, observing and evaluating their feelings, there is constant growth, and a darling submissiveness to change. Baptism is that for me. This constant regard to our need to progress in new spiritual atmospheres. Even within the covenant of baptism we are expected to change constantly. We are asked to fulfill callings, follow promptings of the Spirit, and continually fuel or spirits with the things of Heaven. I love the concept and the continuance this principle offers.   

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