Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Walk in Truth

As a parent you feel connected to John as he rejoices in his understanding that Gaius is faithfully helping believers implement truth into their lives. I think a lot about the time when my children will have to walk alone and will what I teach them now, abide so closely to their hearts that they will be able to stand and walk in truth. My hope as a mother is that my children will have an influence on society to help many develop a greater understanding of what truth is and how it can uplift and develop a dying world. I want to be a person that exemplifies this desire to teach truth and to promote it wherever I am. So many feel so abandoned by God, that the need for individuals to testify of Christ, His reality, and His involvement in our lives is really pertinent. I feel an intense responsibility to be a teacher and a leader of love. You worry about your "Diotrephes" who get lost in the authoritative power of the priesthood and don't lead with love and loyalty, but stray from the true doctrine that Christ teaches just because they want to be in control. I believe that if you align yourself with the Savior and His teachings, you enable yourself to be in a place to recognize truth and to promote it.

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