Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Creative Cat

I LOVED Yunus' speech on creating a poverty-free world. The idea that every human is born with a potential to create something that will better the world and make society a greater place to be is amazing. It's an idea that really , if the world grabbed hold, we would live in a place that would be motivated by doing good to all men continually. I really felt impressed to seek out people who run for government offices who promote this idea of creating a world that is more financially stable and eliminate the poverty levels. I live in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City and I am surrounded by people who are "poor", but not only are they financially struggling, they are poor in spirit. They succumb to the social demographic that has labeled them unworthy to participate in a world that would thrive with their input. Instead of nourishing their ability to become, they fill the bodies with substances that contain them and keep them in their state of regression. I want to make the world better.

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